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Our Services

Normal Obstetrical Care

At your first visit an ultrasound is done to insure viability and correct dating of the pregnancy. A second anatomical ultrasound is done at 20 weeks to screen for any developmental abnormality. If medically needed, additional ultrasounds may be done. We offer first or second trimester genetic screening to all of our patients, screening for the most commonly acquired genetic abnormalities.

High Risk Obstetrical Care

The physicians at The Women’s Specialists of Fayette have a special interest and expertise concerning high-risk obstetrics. We meet on a weekly basis to discuss and collaborate on every obstetrical case so that every patient benefits from our collective experience and training. We take advantage of the wide array of specialists on staff at Piedmont Fayette Hospital, as well as in the greater Metro Atlanta area for consultation and co-management where and when appropriate. The maternal fetal medicine physicians at Georgia Perinatal Associates and Atlanta Maternal Fetal Medicine along with the neonatologists in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit help us manage the care of our most complicated pregnancies and premature newborns.

Twins/ Multiples Pregnancy Care

As multiple gestation pregnancies are occurring at higher rates, we are able to provide the additional services required for these challenging pregnancies. Twins and higher level multiple gestations are monitored closely as they present an increased risk for preterm labor, fetal growth abnormalities and nutritional concerns. They are monitored by ultrasound at least monthly for fetal growth after the first trimester. We also carefully coordinate our care of multiple gestation pregnancies with consultation from the maternal fetal medicine specialists.

Antenatal Surveillance

Along with the routine ultrasounds performed at the first visit and at 20 weeks, we also provide other forms of monitoring the safety of your baby during the pregnancy. We are able to perform fetal non-stress tests, monitoring the fetal heart rate and uterine contractions, and biophysical profiles, an ultrasound assessment of fetal movements and amniotic fluid, both of which reassure us of the wellbeing of the fetus.

3D/ 4D Ultrasounds

Our practice also provides optional 3-dimensional ultrasound images, or “Fetal Photos”. The most optimal views are at 16 weeks for fetal gender and 28-30 weeks for three dimensional renderings of the fetal face. This type of ultrasound is not considered medically necessary and therefore is not covered by insurance.

Preconceptual, Genetic and Infertility Counseling

An important phase of any pregnancy is the period before actual conception. Our physicians are able to provide preconceptual counseling and arrange for consultation with genetic counselors and fertility specialists if achieving pregnancy has been difficult.

Abnormal Pregnancy

In the unfortunate event of an abnormal pregnancy, such as an ectopic pregnancy, a molar pregnancy or a miscarriage, our physicians provide both medical and surgical management as needed.




Our Services

Women's Specialists of Fayette provides medical services covering a wide range of healthcare needs for women in Fayette County, Georgia. Our board certified physicians are experienced obstetricians and gynecologists who understand women's wellness. Below are just a few of the OB/GYN services we provide our patients: